(July 23rd - August 22nd )

My dear Leo, Loyalty has to be your driving force for you are devoted to yourself. Your kingdom whether big or small, a career, a lover, your home or a creative project, whatever it is you are unquestionably the ruler of this kingdom. Self assurance is attached to Leo people like a moth to a flame. You love to bathe in the limelight with everything you do having a flair for the dramatic. When you enter into a room you secretly hope everyone rises up and sings an angelic choir for your presence and whatever the occasion it doesn’t take long for you to take control of the event. You are a natural entertainer who can lend your vitality to any environment. Humorous, talkative and lively people tend to gravitate towards you. Your sun sign is theatrical , flamboyant , expansive with an instinct for getting attention. You try to create excitement and do things in a big way when life does not supply these things to you. Those whofind themselves in your household will be entertained like royalty for you are a splendid host.

  • Duality: Masculine

  • Element: Fire

  • Quality: Fixed

  • Ruling Planet: The Sun

  • Lucky Day : Sunday

  • Lucky Numbers: 8 & 9

  • Ruling Body Parts: The back, spine and heart

  • Opposite sign: Aquarius

  • Color: Gold and orange

  • Birthstone: Ruby

  • Key Phrase: I WILL

  • Most likable trait: Exuberance

With your sun sign in Leo, you love luxurious things and feel like you need it just as much as breathing and also often bring sunshine into the lives of others. You enjoy the good life no matter how much it costs,nothing is too good for you and your public image is of great importance to you. Leo’s are the most lavish spenders of the zodiac with Libra’s coming second. Generous, kind and open hearted, you often find it difficult to think ill of others. You strike back quickly when offended but also forgive easily and tend not to hold a grudge. In many ways you are like the sun itself beaming energy, life enhancing, magnetic and burning steadily. Astrologers refer to Leo’s as the eternal children for they take pleasure from the moment and are unreserved in giving affection. You are a wonderful friend and will almost do anything especially when approached the right way ( flattery is the right way) and always expect praise, appreciation and admiration in return. You Pride is definitely one of your weaknesses for you do not want respect but adoration, not compliments but flattery, and when others praise you do not stop to consider if it’s sincere. You are too proud to ask for these things and when not received you suffer silently from a wounded ego. What is hidden to the world is that you feel you need to be needed.

In all endeavours you are the one in command because you assume you were born to naturally be in a high position. One of your greatest assets in career is your ability to get along with others and encourage them with their helping hand on your pursuits. You like giving orders rather than taking them, but because you are so joyful and enthusiastic others don’t mind taking orders from you. Hardworking, unwavering from confrontations and willing to take upon challenges that scare you, you are ambitious but not ruthless all you long for is to be the centre of attention. Like your symbol the Lion,you can be slothful ( yes that’s a word) and quite lazy. But your great warmth and sunny side is irresistible. Your unhappiness and boredom of day to day routines doesn't last long as you won’t put up with it and you have an immovable belief about your luck. Be wary of the fact that you can be overly controlling and overbearing sometimes as you love to give advice and tell other people how to run their lives.

Famous Sun in Leo: Ben Affleck, Neil Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, Jeff Gordan,Alfred Hitchcock, Whitney Houstan, MickJagger, Magic Johnson, Carl Jung, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, Yves Saint Laurent, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Halle Berry and Andy Warhol.