(July 23rd - August 22nd )

My dear Leo, Loyalty has to be your driving force for you are devoted to yourself. Your kingdom whether big or small, a career, a lover, your home or a creative project, whatever it is you are unquestionably the ruler of this kingdom. Self assurance is attached to Leo people like a moth to a flame. You love to bathe in the limelight with everything you do having a flair for the dramatic. When you enter into a room you secretly hope everyone rises up and sings an angelic choir for your presence and whatever the occasion it doesn’t take long for you to take control of the event. You are a natural entertainer who can lend your vitality to any environment. Humorous, talkative and lively people tend to gravitate towards you. Your sun sign is theatrical , flamboyant , expansive with an instinct for getting attention. You try to create excitement and do things in a big way when life does not supply these things to you. Those whofind themselves in your household will be entertained like royalty for you are a splendid host.

  • Duality: Masculine

  • Element: Fire

  • Quality: Fixed

  • Ruling Planet: The Sun

  • Lucky Day : Sunday

  • Lucky Numbers: 8 & 9

  • Ruling Body Parts: The back, spine and heart

  • Opposite sign: Aquarius

  • Color: Gold and orange

  • Birthstone: Ruby

  • Key Phrase: I WILL

  • Most likable trait: Exuberance

With your sun sign in Leo, you love luxurious things and feel like you need it just as much as breathing and also often bring sunshine into the lives of others. You enjoy the good life no matter how much it costs,nothing is too good for you and your public image is of great importance to you. Leo’s are the most lavish spenders of the zodiac with Libra’s coming second. Generous, kind and open hearted, you often find it difficult to think ill of others. You strike back quickly when offended but also forgive easily and tend not to hold a grudge. In many ways you are like the sun itself beaming energy, life enhancing, magnetic and burning steadily. Astrologers refer to Leo’s as the eternal children for they take pleasure from the moment and are unreserved in giving affection. You are a wonderful friend and will almost do anything especially when approached the right way ( flattery is the right way) and always expect praise, appreciation and admiration in return. You Pride is definitely one of your weaknesses for you do not want respect but adoration, not compliments but flattery, and when others praise you do not stop to consider if it’s sincere. You are too proud to ask for these things and when not received you suffer silently from a wounded ego. What is hidden to the world is that you feel you need to be needed.

In all endeavours you are the one in command because you assume you were born to naturally be in a high position. One of your greatest assets in career is your ability to get along with others and encourage them with their helping hand on your pursuits. You like giving orders rather than taking them, but because you are so joyful and enthusiastic others don’t mind taking orders from you. Hardworking, unwavering from confrontations and willing to take upon challenges that scare you, you are ambitious but not ruthless all you long for is to be the centre of attention. Like your symbol the Lion,you can be slothful ( yes that’s a word) and quite lazy. But your great warmth and sunny side is irresistible. Your unhappiness and boredom of day to day routines doesn't last long as you won’t put up with it and you have an immovable belief about your luck. Be wary of the fact that you can be overly controlling and overbearing sometimes as you love to give advice and tell other people how to run their lives.

Famous Sun in Leo: Ben Affleck, Neil Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, Jeff Gordan,Alfred Hitchcock, Whitney Houstan, MickJagger, Magic Johnson, Carl Jung, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, Yves Saint Laurent, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Halle Berry and Andy Warhol.



( June 21st - July 22nd )

Cancer signs are more than any other , the sign of contradiction. You may appear to be considerate, kind,sympathetic, understanding and a patient listener. Then someone asks for your advice and you become irritated, bad-tempered and unconcerned about anyone else’s problems aside from yours.  You value security above all else, yet love new adventures. You are the embodiment of caution but at the same time, a brave initiator who does whatever is needed to overcome obstacles with your personality. Cancer’s strength and superpower is that they are ruled by the moon and has water as it’s element. Similar to the tides of the ocean, they are the sign of powerful forces moving under the surface. Just like the surface which is difficult to penetrate, so are the emotions and sensitivity of Cancerians, because they often build up a range of defences to hide them.

  • Duality: Feminine

  • Element: Water

  • Quality: Cardinal

  • Ruling Planet: Moon

  • Lucky Day : Monday

  • Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7

  • Ruling Body Parts: The breasts and stomach

  • Opposite sign: Capricorn

  • Color: Sea green and silver

  • Birthstone: Pearl

  • Key Phrase: I FEEL

  • Most likeable trait: Loyalty

A typical Cancer needs constant encouragement, reassurance and support. They so very much want to be loved and approved of, but at the same time resent needing approval so badly. Vulnerable,delicate,unpredictable, temperamental, Cancer signs need to be aware of the anger they hold within them and to not let it affect the relationships they have with the ones that give them the emotional support they seek. On the other hand when you are blessed with all you need, you provide the best of all you have in return. There is an unbreakable loyalty within that you bestow upon those who make you feel secure and once you really care for someone, there is nothing that could be said about that person to change your heart and mind.  You tend to not be aware or see the failings of those you love. 

Staying enclosed in your shell physically and emotionally keeps you fearful and what you need to do is break open that crab shell and venture out into the world.  In order to let go of your fears you have to become more trusting as you tend to not trust others, yourself or the Universe for that matter. It is difficult to see and allow the abundance to flow in or become aware of the generosity of strangers and unexpected events of luck if you always hold a belief that it’s a dog eat dog world. Yet your character is all so contradictory for you have a strong sense of loyalty with the tendency to nurture and provide for others unselfishly. You have a great impact in human relationships and have a knack for making others feel loved and taken care of.  Whilst people may pour their hearts out to you, they are unlikely to receive it back as you are cautious and do not let others know too much about yourself , guarding your secrets well. You do not retaliate back quickly when offended, instead sulk and brood quietly. Although like a crab you have a hard outer exterior,inside within is a soft interior layer , a sentimental softie who will do anything for those he/she cares for. 


If someone asks you for a favour your initial reaction would be no, yet the final answer is a yes. For you should not be judged for what you say but what you do. You are possessive and if anyone becomes part of your life, they will never be entirely free.  Cancers try to stay in touch with ex’s, friends, business partners, people they knew as children etc. If they let anyone out of their lives it is unwillingly and not completely. You are a sign that tends to be involved in the past and there is a strong aura of nostalgia that you hold within and carry on in life. The events and people that have gone by grows dearer as time goes on and you are devoted to family , home and have an old fashioned view that marriage lasts forever, even if your own life contradicts it. You are difficult to deceive as your psychic, intuitive nature enables you to pick up on people’s true inner motives. Just like the way a crab moves awkwardly sideways, stopping here and there or sometimes going all around,  you also never take the direct approach when striving for your goals, yet you always get there.

Once you have mastered your turbulent emotions, shyness and moodiness, your sensitivity can be a source of strength with your intellect and imagination bringing forth success in whatever you set your mind to. Careful and conservative in your approach you are quick to pick up on trends and have an uncanny ability to spot opportunities for financial gains. Cancer is called the “money sign” because of their tendency to attract wealth. They tend to hold onto money because to them that is security, yet no matter how much they make it will never be secure enough for them. The same can be said for their emotional security for they can never get enough love and approval; they always need more. As a Cancer sign you come across strong and calm but underneath you feel insecure and inadequate with the mindset that others know what they are doing whilst you are just winging it. You are someone that is very emotional, whether it is a song on the radio, an old picture or a particular scent, your memory and feelings can be brought up and others may perceive you as moody because of your tendency to switch from one emotion to the other. You are very in touch with other people’s feelings and feel that you must help those you are close to.

Famous Sun in Cancer:  Diana Princess of Wales ,Tom Hanks ,Selina Gomez ,Vin Diesel ,Toby Maguire , Will Ferrell,Vera Wang,Ariana Grande,Missy Elliot ,Lana Del Rey ,Pamela Anderson , Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, Cheryl Cole,Michelle Rodriguez,Lionel Messi, Post Malone, Jaden Smith. 



Some people may say you think too much, but what they don’t know is…


( May 21st - June 20th )

Well, well, well…. Being born under this sign, I can say that I do know what it is like to be what they call, The Twins. Gemini’s are many sided, filled with eternal youth, quick in thought and action, clever with words, skilful at handling others and bountiful with new ideas.  Astrologers interpret this third sign of the zodiac as the archetypal human sign, because it seems to outline the distinguishable characteristics of the human race - Intelligence. Gemini is an air sign (adaptable), Gemini is a mutable sign (communicative) and Gemini is ruled by Mercury.  As a Gemini you are endlessly curious and may find yourself as part of the scene, wanting to play all the parts from the lead, to the director down to the producer and scriptwriter! Gemini is the merging of the masculine and feminine energy, they are knowledge seekers, natural teachers and their most well known trait is duality as they tend to want more than one thing whether it be jobs, hobbies, careers or lovers. 

  • Duality: Masculine

  • Element: Air

  • Quality: Mutable

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury

  • Lucky Day : Wednesday

  • Lucky Numbers: 5 & 9

  • Ruling Body Parts: Hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs

  • Opposite sign: Sagittarius

  • Color: Yellow

  • Birthstone: Agate

  • Key Phrase: I THINK

  • Most likeable trait: Responsiveness

You have a restless nature, always on an adventure for new ideas and experiences. Similar to an Aries you find yourself easily bored if there isn’t constant change and this can lead  to a series of unfinished tasks as you find it difficult to concentrate your cleverness long enough on one task and see it through. You love communicating and have an urge to express yourself via all sorts of mediums whether it be writing, singing, emailing, social media, texting, blogging, journalism, acting etc. If you need someone to talk to who will liven up the atmosphere with their open mindedness, quick wit and light heartedness, a Gemini would certainly be the one to play that role. 

Your astrological symbol should really be a question mark because you are an eternal student who is always asking questions and is sometimes difficult for people to understand, especially because of your dual nature. You thoroughly enjoy communicating with people and this is the secret of your charm, others find themselves opening up to you freely like a flower. From this you can arouse enthusiasm and loyalty because of your marvellous people management skills. Blessed  with the gift of persuasion , you could sell sand in the Sahara desert and your quick mindedness can defend, justify or explain any cause and action. Your ability to pick up information with ease enables you to be an ideal conversationalist for you know a lot about everything but some say really not a lot about anything.  

You tend to have a firm opinion of everything although it can change at a moments notice and you value intellectual independence the most. Unlike a Taurus or Scorpio, what you lack in the most is perseverance. Whoever came up with the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” most certainly had a Gemini in mind.  Another downfall of a Gemini is that they can be superficial because they pick up ideas and situations quickly, they tend to just look over the surface without going deeper.  Your gifts of writing, speaking and self expression makes you a success when dealing with the public and you are endowed with a quicksilver personality that can adapt to any type of person. This can be seen through public figures such as Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. 


Gemini’s are usually surrounded with friends and admirers because of their playful, cheerful and high spirited nature. Yes they can be impatient towards people who are not as quick as they are, they do not go deep into emotional depths and do not like being involved in other people’s problems which may get in the way of their freedom.  Yet they have a broad variation of contacts and benefits from the guidance and advice of influential people. They attract financial luck but just like their quick changing nature, it is gone just as soon as it arrives. Routine and methodical ways of living is something that a Gemini runs away from, what they really care about is freedom. There is no point in trying to pin them down and for them the fun is in travelling rather than arriving at the destination. 

As a Gemini Sun, although you try not to let anything lower your cheerful nature, you do have a brooding side to your twin like personality but rarely express it. Instead portraying your happy side and eager to make a great impression.  You tend to have a nervous and anxious disposition because you are so keenly attuned to your environment and react instantly to new situations. Though you give off sparks of energy, excitement, and charm, inside you feel like a wound-up spring.A drawback of yours is that rather than really looking at people’s deeper qualities, you tend to make quick judgements about their reaction to you. In your relationships, you’re very giving, but you also need time for yourself. You love to explore new territory and see the way people live on the other side of the world. Inquisitive and imaginative, you are open to a different way of looking at things. You truly are the eternal teenager of the zodiac family.  

Famous Sun in Gemini born: Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Paul McCartney,Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Johnny Depp,Tupac Amaru Shakur, Nicole Kidman, Lauryn Hill, Donald Trump, Lucy Hale, George. H. W. Bush, Anne Frank, Paul McCartney, Morgan Freeman, Zoe Saldana, Kendrick Lamar, Prince, Natalie Portman and Clint Eastwood. 



Some people may say you are stubborn and materialistic, but what they don’t know is…


As a Taurus born you are the one others depend on when the going gets tough , the one who perseveres when others can no longer endure. Because perseverance is the quality most needed for success, you tend to be successful in your pursuits.  Being born under the second sign of the zodiac, moving out first and claiming new territory is not your way of doing things. Instead you have a stubborn nature and will plant, cultivate, build and work until you reap the rewards for your labour.  Your strongest attribute streams from your persistent, steady and relentless drive. You move with a purpose and endless patience to see things through until you succeed. You are the original immovable object and irresistible force. A tragic example of this can be seen through the actions of German leader Adolf Hitler, whiles at it’s best it is portrayed through the inspiring and uplifting works of William Shakespeare. 


( April 20th - May 20th )

  • Duality: Feminine

  • Element: Earth

  • Quality: Fixed

  • Ruling Planet: Venus

  • Lucky Day : Friday

  • Lucky Numbers: 6 & 4

  • Ruling Body Parts: Neck & Throat

  • Opposite sign: Scorpio

  • Color: Pale blue & Mauve

  • Birthstone: Emerald

  • Key Phrase: I HAVE

  • Most likeable trait: Dependability

Taurus borns are not fond of change due to their sign being fixed, and a different approach may cause uneasiness and anxiety within. “Why try something new, if everything is already working fine?” would be your attitude. Yes as the bull you do have a temper but it is hardly ever shown and it takes a great deal to relay your anger. Challenging others is not a  pursuit of yours, however it would be a fatality for those that do challenge you. You are kind hearted, affectionate, devoted and have a keen fondness for all things beautiful. Being ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, you are gifted with the light of creativity, moved by art and music, color, design and have a taste for the elegant because Taurus represent material possessions.  People are usually fascinated by your unique blend of down to earth , romantic and poetic character. The stableness of your Earth sign combined with the aesthetic influence of Venus creates a responsible and dependable personality with a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. Over and Over it will become clear to you that the distinctive pairing of your artistic vision and sheer determination to reach a goal is one of the greatest secrets to your success. 

Your search for security within all aspects of your life whether it be love, finances, career etc is also what drives you.  Although you tend to follow your heart, it isn’t necessarily easy for you to display your affection openly. Your personality is private and self contained and living with you can be a challenge as you can be opinionated, rigid, suspicious,secretive, stingy and your quietness may hide feelings of envy or rivalry. It can take a lot of effort to get you moving as you can be over indulgent, pleasure seeking and even lazy.  However you have a ton of energy stored away that you rely upon when you want to, not when others require it of you. You love to entertain those that you are fond of and although you may not indulge as freely in frivolous pleasure like a Leo or Libra, you do believe in treating yourself to the best that life can offer. Those born on this sign are a charming combination of dependable and sensible, the sensitive and emotional with unmatched stamina.

Famous Sun in Taurus born: Queen Elizabeth II ,  Audrey Hepburn, Chris Brown, Adele, Megan Fox, Dwayne Johnson, Kehlani, Channing Tatum, Jessica Alba, David Beckham, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Malcolm X, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Cher and Mark Zuckerberg.



As an Aries you are the first born of the zodiac and your sign symbolises new beginnings. Your life is filled with sudden changes , always arriving at one destination then being turned towards another direction. Restlessness is a strong behaviour of yours and a Sun in Aries portrays an activist and a doer. An example of this is American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, who received dozens of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees for her work. 


( March 21 – April 19 )

  • Duality: Masculine

  • Element: Fire

  • Quality: Cardinal

  • Ruling Planet: Mars

  • Lucky Day : Tuesday

  • Lucky Numbers: 1 & 9

  • Ruling Body Parts: The Head

  • Opposite sign: Libra

  • Color: Red

  • Birthstone: Diamonds

  • Key Phrase: I AM

  • Most likeable trait: Courage

You like to do things quickly and NOW! Impatient and can't wait to delve into whatever has aroused your interest. At first glance you are energetic, exciting , dynamic and talkative when others encounter your light. You do not fall shy of letting people know your opinions and often find yourself as the centre of attention. You are bold and intent on getting your own way with the characteristics of a natural leader who exudes self confidence. You may treat oppositions as an annoyance to be rushed out of the way, due to your nature. Which is  to express power. Yet readily, you are also generous about helping others in crisis situations. A firefighter is the first thing that comes to mind when I envision an Aries. You are an open hearted friend who shares ideas, advice and has a quality of greatness. Small and petty is not of interest to you, “Go for the best” is your motto. 


Independence is what you embody and you become sulky or brood when having to take orders.  Should you be in the same room with a superior force, you will bend but never break. A downfall of Aries is that they tend to be self centred, and if not aware of other people’s emotions they can easily become a spoiled brat. They are straightforward for people to read due to their lack of tact and diplomacy. They often speak without thinking things through, and usually regret their impulsiveness later on. Although Aries is lucky with money they have difficulty holding onto it. Spending lavishly and racking up bills is a habit of theirs, however they generally find a way to pay back what they owe. They have too much pride to remain in  anyone’s dept. In friendships they give generously if someone is in need and like being recognised for their good deeds. They are creative, openhearted, high-spirited, pioneering, also vain, feisty, impatient and easily bored. If you find yourself in a relationship with an Aries the question that will always be on your mind is : “How am I going to keep up with them? “

Famous Sun in Aries born: Vincent van Gogh, Eddie Murphy, Hugh Hefner,Robert John Downey Jr, Maya Angelou, Lady Gaga, Big Sean, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah carey, Emma Watson,James Franco, Celine Dion,Pharrell Williams, Jackie Chan, Kristen Stewart, Elton & Akon.



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